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Battle!! Digital Monsters

Battle!! Digital Monsters


Battle!! Digital Monsters (激鬥!!數碼暴龍) is a manga/manhua divided in two parts. The first one introduced as Battle!! Digital Monsters –Digimon Thunderbolt Tournament– (激鬥!!數碼暴龍 ―數碼暴龍雷霆大賽―) consists of 6 volumes in the form of bonus chapters plus an extra one-shot one. The second one called Battle!! Digital Monsters –Perfect Level Decisive Battle Chapter– (激鬥!!數碼暴龍 ―完全體決戰篇―) consists of 4 volumes with 6 chapters each plus a special final one, which makes a total amount of 25 chapters labeled here as "Rounds".

It is based on the Digital Monster Ver. 5, altough the previous versions of the original Digital Monster virtual pet are also featured in this manga. Chapters were released in the bi-weekly CO-CO! Magazine.



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