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Beelzebumon X-Antibody

Beelzebumon X-Antibody

Main Info

Level: Ultimate Bx-163
Attribute: Virus Bx-163
Type: Demon Lord Bx-163
Field: Nightmare Soldiers


While it possesses the power to command the many Devil Digimon, it is a Demon Lord Digimon that dares to observe a solitary existence. As one of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it is said that it could stand at the peak of the dark army, "Nightmare Soldiers", if it cared to, although it is also said that there exists a Demon Lord Digimon which surpasses even Beelzebumon. It rides on the gigantic motorcycle-type machine, "Behemoth", holding its favorite shotguns, the "Berenjena". Although its personality is cruel and merciless, it is also exceedingly prideful, so it would never attack the weak. Its Signature Move is raising a claw overhead and then cutting the opponent to pieces (Darkness Claw). Its Special Move is rapid-firing its twin shotguns (Double Impact).

Evolves From

Beelzebumon (with X-Antibody) DWReD
Impmon Bx-163
Matadrmon Bx-163

Evolves To

Source: Wikimon

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