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Cyberdramon (2010 Anime Version)

Cyberdramon (2010 Anime Version)

Main Info

Attribute: -
Type: Cyborg DG1-027 Alien DD
Field: -


An otherworldly Digimon rumored to have turned up from another world. Since both its language and thinking patterns are completely different, it is regarded as fundamentally impossible to communicate with Cyberdramon. It is dangerous, with extreme combativeness befitting its otherworldly appearance. Because its goal in battle is to acquire a lot more energy, it is a Hunter that tries to prey on any Digimon that meet its eyes. Also, because it is able to sneak up on its enemies by taking on the colors of its surroundings, Cyberdramon is very difficult to capture. It makes sport of the opponent with its tricky, hard-to-predict movements, such as cutting the opponent to pieces by riding on its spinning tail while holding its lance in its hands (Cyber Blader), spinning around its lance's shaft and attacking with its tail (Death Divider), or suddenly extending its ribs from its chest and skewering the opponent (Glutton Fang), and specializes in surprise attacks which inflict a single strike of one of its unusual techniques.

Evolves From

Evolves To

Dracomon + Cyberdramon (w/ Dracomon) XW54
Metal Greymon + Cyber Launcher (w/ Metal Greymon) or (w/ Greymon + Mail Birdramon) http://www.carddass.com/digimon/game/unit_2nd.html_Super_Digica_Taisen:_Second_Act_DigiXros_Units_/span

Source: Wikimon

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