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Main Info

Attribute: -
Type: Reptile DD
Field: -


Only its competitiveness is intense, but generally speaking it is a tiny Digimon that is often barking.
It is also quick to flee, and extremely swift. Although it is almost impossible to track it after it runs into the bushes, you can easily find its location because it will soon begin to bark. Since it specializes in running on land, it is totally incapable of swimming, as it dreads water. In fact, it can't even cross a 10 cm deep brook, and sometimes, you can run across a Gaossmon that has nearly drowned and passed out in a puddle of water.
Its Special Moves are a medium-temperature jet of flames (Kilo Flame), and an intense headbutt (Head Strike).

Evolves From

Evolves To

Pawn Gaossmon (with Pawn Chessmon (White)) XW54

Source: Wikimon

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