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Main Info

Level: Adult DD
Attribute: Vaccine DD
Type: Holy Beast DD
Field: Nature Spirits Unknown


A Digimon which has the appearance of the the legendary holy beast, the "Siisaa". It has the power to sweep away calamity, and exhibits tremendous power toward evildoers. It is an ally to those that are kind-hearted, and will try to protect its Tamer from every calamity, even if it has to sacrifice its own body. Contrary to its heroic appearance, it usually basks leisurely in the sunlight, due to its docile personality. However, the sunlight is an important factor for Siesamon, because it charges its life energy. Its Signature Move "Sekkantou" temporarily prevents the intrusion of evil Viruses, as a kind of Firewall. Its Special Move is firing countless holy arrows of sunlight (Tiida Ija).

Evolves From

Bakumon DSSM
Bokomon Bo-892
Ganimon DS
Gaomon (Jogressed with Plotmon) DSSM
Impmon PenProg2.0
Labramon Bo-33t
Lopmon Bo-892
Patamon PenProg2.0
Plotmon (Jogressed with Gaomon) DSSM
Terriermon PenProg2.0

Evolves To

Bastemon PenProg2.0
Cerberumon Bo-533
Holy Angemon PenProg2.0
Kyukimon Bo-884
Lady Devimon PenProg2.0
Monzaemon (Jogressed with Starmon or Yukidarumon) DSSM
Neo Devimon PenProg2.0
Taomon St-399
Tyilinmon (Jogressed with Unimon) DSSM
Were Garurumon (Black) St-418

Source: Wikimon

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